Film production began September 15th, 2023. Release date: Fall 2024

Join us on the journey!

The Story

In a world longing for compassion, imagine gathering a diverse group, endowing them with unexpected financial means, and setting them on a single mission: spread kindness. No rules, no supervision – just empathy as their guide.

This incredible story really happened! "The Power of Small,” chronicles the journeys of 5 individuals out of 50, each gifted with resources to spread kindness and generosity. What unfolded defies expectations. "The Power of Small" is a story of the most subtle gestures possessing a remarkable capacity for lasting impact. By weaving together personal anecdotes, scientific insights, and heart-stirring moments, the film crafts a vibrant mosaic of a world in which modest acts of kindness emerge as the pivotal force propelling positive change.

Join us in this heartening expedition as we discover how individual actions, untethered from grand plans, can sculpt destinies. Through the lens of "The Power of Small," witness the profound transformation of lives, relationships, communities, and be reminded of the empathetic potential residing within us all.

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